The Best Fish for Aquaponics

best fish for aquaponics

There is no joy like the joy of harvesting fish from your own tank in your backyard. This not only gives the satisfaction of raising your own fish but again being sure that the fish you are eating is clean, healthy and is a toxic-free source of protein.

aquaponics fish tankMany fish can be raised in a closed system. With aquaponics, you can keep a very high variety of fish in your tank. It is highly recommended to research what types of fish are best for your local area by weather conditions and legality. Local fish species are easier to get and you won’t need a permit or license to keep these types of fish at home. If you are planning on getting foreign or exotics fish you may have some legal restrictions, and you will need to consult a specialist.

While many types of fish can thrive in a closed system, some will need special care and some are very easy to maintain. Here are some of the best fish for aquaponics.

Get Started with Aquaponics

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Tilapia aquaponics

Tilapia is a clean and tasteful fish that adapts easily. It is a very tough fish and it will eat any fish food you’ll feed it. The harvest time for tilapia fish is between four to six months depending on the size you want and how warm the water is. To read more about tilapia click here.

Murray Cod

Murray cod for aquaponics

The Murray Cod is a great choice if you are planning on stocking many fish in one holding tank. This fish will grow very fast even in a closed environment. If you are stocking that type of fish, just keep in mind that you have to feed it well and satisfy its appetite otherwise the hunger will take control over your fish tank and the fish will attack each other. This type of fish is recommended for people who have time for the maintenance that is involved. To read more about Murray Cod click here.


catfish for aquaponics

Catfish are great for aquaponics system, after adapting to the tanks they will grow fairly quickly, catfish does not thrive in dirty water and clean water is best for it, even though these fish are so adaptable that they known how to survive in a very harsh environmental areas like polluted ponds, so after adaptation these fish will be fine. To read more about catfish click here.


common goldfish

In case you are not planning of eating fish from your tank you can aim toward ornamental fish. Goldfish is a great choice for aquaponics and it is easy to take care of. Goldfish are a very tough species and can live in a high level of water pollution. When it comes to breeding, no fish is easier to breed than the common goldfish. The only thing these fish need in order to breed in tanks is a thin cover of plant life. Read more about goldfish for aquaponics here.

Koi Fish

koi fish for aquaponics

Koi fish are from the carp family but because these types of fish are normally sold as an ornamental fish they are in a different category. Koi fish usually live in artificial ponds so it is safe to raise them in a tank. You can also mix koi fish with eatable fish just make sure they are not fighting and there is enough space in the tanks for all of your fish. To read more about koi click here.

Prawn and Shrimps

shramp and prawn in aquaponics

Having a shrimp aquaponics system is a good idea in raising profit out of fish. It is a gold mine. The small tasty creatures, hands down the number one seafood consumed in the world as the demand continues to grow for the beauties at a low rate. They are part of the crustaceans family. To read more about shrimps and Prawns click here.


rainbow trout for aquaponics

Using trout in your aquaponic system will be great because the growth rate is very good. Trout has a very good temperature range. That’s why it is the perfect fish for indoor and outdoor aquaponics. To read more about trout click here.


white crappie for aquaponics

Crappie is part of the sunfish family. There are two species of crappie, these are the black and the white crappie. They are quite small but can withstand a range of temperatures. To read more about crappie for aquaponics click here.


Common Guppy for aquaponics

Guppy has two main species, they are the common guppy and the endler guppy. They have a small temperature limit and it’s best not to combine them with other fish. Read more about guppy aquaponics here.

Tetra Fish

Cardinal Tetras
There are 5 tetra fish species around for you to choose from, one more pretty than the other. These fish are mainly used for small indoor aquaponics system because they are very small and not for eating. Read more about the tetra fish for aquaponics here.

Red Ear Sunfish

redear sunfish

The red ear sunfish is a popular choice when it comes to eating snails and other unwanted insects in your aquaponics system. This fish is used by the UVI system to get rid of snails on the floating rafts. These fish are used in large commercial operations for that purpose. Click here to read more about using red ear sunfish.


yabbies for aquaponics

Using yabbies is another popular choice when you want to clean your tank other than prawn or shrimp. They are more aggressive but can withstand temperature fluctuations better. Click here to read more about using yabbies in your system.



The bluegill is mainly used in North America because it’s a native fish. You can catch them in their natural habitat and transfer them to your system. They are doing well combined with other fish and are known to withstand harder conditions. Read more about the bluegill here.


pacu for aquaponics

The pacu is a special fish. They live in the jungle or rainforest and eat fruits and plants. They get fat before the fruiting season end to retreat to deeper waters and live off their fat reserves. Read more about this cool looking fish here.

Jade Perch

jade perch for aquaponics

Jade perch is a popular option in Australia because it’ their native fish. They like the temperature of Australia so why wouldn’t you choose for the jade perch if you live in Australia? It feeds itself on vegetables so you can feed them your vegetable waste that normally goes in the composting bin. Read more about the jade perch for aquaponics here.

Silver Perch

The silver perch is a vegetarian fish. You can adapt them to eating pellets. It’s a tasty fish that comes mainly from Australia. Read more about the silver perch here.


salmon for aquaponics

The salmon is a healthy fish to grow in your aquaponics system. It’s also very delicious and has good growth rates. You will need a big fish tank for these to thrive. Read more about salmon for aquaponics here.


largemouth bass for aquaponics

There are different kinds of bass available: the large-mouth bass, smallmouth, hybrid striped, Australian, and the white bass. Plenty to choose from. If you have a pond or lake nearby you can fish them out and put them in your aquaponics system. To read more about bass for aquaponics read this article.

Arctic Char

arctic char for aquaponics

Do you live in a cold climate and don’t like trout? Then arctic char is the fish for you. It’s quite similar than the salmon but is better for the coldest (arctic) climates. It has beautiful colors. Read more about arctic char for aquaponics here.


barramundi for aquaponics

This fish is a well-known one in Asia. That’s why it’s such a highly cultivate fish there. People in the west also cultivate this fish. It’s not the easiest one to cultivate. But if you are looking for a challenge, the barramundi is a good choice. Read more about the barramundi here.

Yellow Perch

yellow perch aquaponics

The yellow perch is a small but tasty fish. If you have a small tank, and great taste, this fish is for you. Read more about the yellow perch for aquaponics here.


walleye for aquaponics

the walleye is a popular fish among sports fishers. It’s a fish that is prevalent in Canada and North America. Read more about the walleye here.

Get Started with Aquaponics

After receiving many questions by e-mail I have compiled all the necessary information in a book.

If you read this book, you will know how to get started and build your first aquaponics setup.

It’s 170+ pages filled with information so you can start growing organic vegetables and fish in your own backyard! It’s available in paperback or ebook format.

You can buy it here on