Flood And Drain Aquaponics – Any Good?

The Flood and Drain Aquaponics design is the most used system in the world amongst all the DIY aquaponics systems. This system consists of the flood and drain grows beds, the fish tank and the pond pump that has a great role to it. The design gives you the detailed steps to follow to get an appropriate flood and drain design.

aquaponics flood and drain

The flood and drain grow beds are placed exactly to where it can directly drain water into the fish tank. The process of flooding and draining of water is being controlled by a certain timer. The pond pump that is placed in the fish tank carries the water into the grow beds. The pond pump will automatically stop carrying water into the grow beds if the certain predetermined level of water has already been reached. And by then, the grow beds will drain back the water into the fish tank.

The flood and drain Aquaponics design is being used by many because of its simplicity and it is cost effective. These are the very reason why most people use it. There are also disadvantages of using it but most people ignore those disadvantages simply because they do see the benefits of using the flood and drain aquaponics design.

Flood and Drain Aquaponics in Detail

In creating this flood and drain Aquaponics design, you have to dig a few centimeters of soil so that you can put your fish tanks right under your grow beds. In that way, you can then do the cycle of flooding and draining. You should also put into consideration that the flooding and draining system will cause a lack of water in your fish tanks for a couple of seconds. Putting up this flood and drain aquaponics design is quite hard but of course, if you will only follow the procedures well then perhaps you can do it properly.

Also, make sure that you will plant your plants in clay pebbles because using soil is not recommended. You do not want soil to be present in the fish tank. Soil can be easily washed away by water. That is purely the reason why you have to use clay pebbles. And you also have to make sure that you do place the tubing in the right position.

That should be very well observed in putting up the flood and drain aquaponics design. This is simply because your tubing is the one having the key role in making this flood and drain cycle to be a successful one. For when the tubing is not properly placed, there is a great possibility that the fish will die due to lack of water. These things should be put to mind so that your flood and drain Aquaponics will work just fine.

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