Pro’s and Con’s of Having a Murray Cod Aquaponics System

Having a Murray cod aquaponics system is a nice idea in generating good returns out of fish. It is a popular new practice and a highly profitable business for aquaculture. Several fish species can be used in the aquaponics system. Some inputs are required to keep the system performing like air pumps, and feed that is given to the aquatic animal. Murray cod is used in different aquaponic systems.

Pros of Murray cod in Aquaponics Murray cod for aquaponics

  • Water temperature: 8 celsius to 24 celsius.
  • Oxygen levels: 50 to 200ppm.
  • PH: 7.0 to 8.0
  • If the tank is the right size and water conditions are kept well Murray Cod can survive upto 50years.
  • Small Murray Cod can peacefully co-exist with other fish like Golden and Silver perch.
  • The water source for the operation does not require chemicals e.g pesticides.

Cons of Murray Cod in Aquaponics

  • At large sizes they are not compatible with other fish since they consume anything that fits in their mouth.
  • They grow very fast to large sizes so it is important to grow them in large tanks.
  • They tend to consume particular food, not just any food.
  • They are highly susceptible to fungal and bacterial infections at high stocking densities.
  • At small size, water consumption is less but when they grow big they require large amounts of water to sustain them.


Generally, Murray cod are fresh water species and will not tolerate high salinity level which the common mistake many people tend to make. Having a Murray Cod aquaponics system is a viable project, especially when people know how to maintain a murray cod aquaponics system.

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