Common Aquaponics Supplies And Materials

Aquaponics is a combination of two systems ” aquaculture and hydroponics”. This is done by a number of people now who have had good background in the two mentioned systems. But Aquaponics can actually be done by anyone. Knowledge on how the system is done, place to do it in and tools to do it with are the things needed.

There are a number of reasons people are involved with aquaponic farming. With prices for groceries and oil consistently going up, people are now beginning to realize the cost savings involved by growing their own food organically. Not only is it very cost efficient, but leads to healthier eating and better fitness.

Materials used in construction of aquaponic systems are simple and easy to obtain. Fish tanks, plumbing tools and pumps are easily acquired in many hardwares. At aquaponics supplies stores, you can find the necessary plant seeds. Small fish are commonly available in many fish shops in the aquaponic industry.

Here are common aquaponics supplies:

A nice space 
The first thing to consider in Aquaponics is to chose the right and most effective place to do it in. In Aquaponics, just like in real estate, location is everything. The place where the system will be conducted and grown will affect the entire thing. It will dictate how well the plants will grow and how good they will become. You do not need a large space to do the Aquaponics system but you will need to ensure that you have area enough for that system to get placed.

Fish tank
There is a lot to consider here considering that the size of the tank you select affects the acual number of fishes you can have and the number of plants you can grow. go to this page if you want more information about building your own fishtank.

A water pump
The power of the actual pump is determined by the size of your fish tank. The staff at the marine store can assist you in choosing the best pump for your fish tank.

Grow bed 
You need to clear your grow bed first before using it. This is to prevent your new system from being clogged up by debris occurring in the grow bed material.

Drainage hoses
The type of hoses you get is determined by what kind of system you end up building small or big. Some types of Aquaponics systems are more effective with different tubes.

Aquaponics system has to be in a place that is properly lit. It should not be put in a place that is prone to heavy rain, tornadoes or in places that normally have a very high temperature. There can be a whole book written about this subject of lighting but if you want the best you can check out this grow light.

PH testing kits

This is used to determine the pH of the water in the fish tank. You can use this PH meter to determine the quality of your water.

Water heater
Determined by what plants and fish you want to harvest you may need to obtain a water heater. This can be essential in cold environments.

Gravel/ tiny rocks
clay pebblesYou will need several gravel or perhaps clay to support your plants. In Aquaponics your plants roots sit in water certainly not soil which means you need some tiny rocks to support your plants. Water will manage though the pea gravel and into the fish tank. the most used material is hydroton or clay pebbles. You can also use lava rocks because they are porous and have more surface area to house the bacteria.


In conclusion, Aquaponics has one great enemy “extreme weather”. Both extreme heat and extreme cold and even very strong wind can ruin the system and affect the plants. The location of the Aquaponics system must be in a place where it will be safe from the extremities. To read more about doing an aquaponics installation yourself you should look at: important tips for aquaponics diy

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