Why use Trout Aquaponics?


Aquaponics is basically the combination of aquaculture and hydroponics. It can be done even in your garage with the necessary environment and equipment. Trout is undoubtedly the most widely farmed fish in the world, majorly because it is a prized food fish and is comparatively easier to culture. Trout aquaponics can successfully grow trout fish right in your backyard or garage and isn’t it great to grow your own dinner?

Pro’s of trout in aquaponics: trout in aquaponics system

  • Healthy and tough fish – Low maintenance when it comes to keeping the fish healthy. They are the ones who can pretty much take care of themselves without added help.
  • Fast growing – They grow really fast. How fast? Marketable sized trout can be reached in about 9 months ( ~40 cms). The ‘pan-sized’ ones take about 12-13 months, which is pretty fast compared to other fish. Thus you can grow them fast and start the new cycle really soon as well.
  • Excellent food conversion ratios – Maximum weight of the fish can be safely consumed and is rather delicious. Also, since the diet of trout consists of molluscs, flies and crustaceans which are high in energy, lipids and fish oil (great for cholesterol), it all gets reflected in the nutritional value of the fish itself.
  • Great for cool temperatures – Living in cool temperatures? Don’t you worry,trout is here for you! They prefer water temperatures between 10 to 20 degree celsius.

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Con’s of trout in aquaponics:

  • Large area required for their growth – Trout requires fast flow rates to be cultured at high densities and thus if you wish to grow trout, it is better to do so in large systems no more than 0.5kg per 100L of water.
  • High temperatures – Trout has the capacity to withstand temperatures between 0 and 22 degrees celsius. However, optimum growth occurs only between 12 and 16 degree celsius. Water temperatures above 22 degrees makes the digestive system of trout inefficient and most of the feed will end up as waste.
  • Low oxygen levels in the water – If the water has oxygen less than 5.5mg/L. So in case the fish stocking density is too high (usually it is not) then it will be difficult for the fish to thrive as they need high oxygen levels in the water to survive.

Conclusion Lake Trout. Salvelinus namaycush.

All in all it is a great fish to culture. Trout Aquaponics is done at many places all around the world, especially in the cold countries. It is low maintenance, the fish diet is easily available and they grow pretty fast, so not much waiting.

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