Aquaponics DIY Explained

Aquaponics is a combination of two systems aquaculture and hydroponics. Aquaponics can be done by anyone provided that he or she has the right knowledge on how to do it. This is called aquaponics DIY or Do It Yourself style of Aquaponics. If you are a beginner in this system, here are some important tips to guide you.

Right location
The first thing to consider in aquaponics DIY is to choose the right and most effective place to do it in. In Aquaponics, just like in real estate, location is everything. The place where the system will be conducted and grown will affect the entire thing. It will dictate how well the plants will grow and how good they will become. Click here if you would like to build indoor aquaponics.

Aquaponics has one great enemy ” extreme weather. Both extreme heat and extreme cold and even very strong wind can ruin the system and affect the plants. The location of the Aquaponics system must be in a place where it will be safe from the extremities. It should not be put in a place that is prone to heavy rain, tornadoes or in places that normally have a very high temperature.

Lighting ibc aquaponics
When all of the above are satisfied, it has to be made sure that the place is properly lit. Growing plants through Aquaponics may not be the traditional way of doing it. But the same principle applies in terms of its need for sunlight.

Oxygen Supply
To make sure that the fishes are healthy and happy you have to ensure that the fish tank is properly oxygenated. The tank has to be oxygenated at least twice or once in worse times.

The Right Start
When the system is done properly the first time, the person maintaining it will save a lot of time and effort every day in maintaining and doing the harvest. So how does one make it right? The stand where the Aquaponics will be placed must be high enough so that the person maintaining it does not have to bend over every time he does maintenance or whenever he makes harvests. This is a daily thing and no one would want to develop back pains and other discomforts just because the aquaponics system is not leveled with one’s waist. Check which supplies you will need here.

Nutrient Supply vertical and ibc aquaponics
The water from the fish tank is where all the nutrients for the plants come from.This is basically how Aquaponics works. But the owner has to make sure that this is doing that which it is supposed to do. He has to make sure that water from the fish tank contains enough nutrients to keep the plants healthy. If not, then he has to give the plants supplements in order to ensure their health and good growth.


In conclusion, the do it yourself Aquaponics is a good investment. It is not too costly to start. But it requires some effort, dedication, and goodwill to make it succeed. It has some good return on investment hence a wise choice for potential investors. DIY aquaponics has low maintenance and start-up costs hence assuring its investors a guaranteed return on investment. If space is limited, building a vertical aquaponics system can be a good option.

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