Pro’s and Con’s of Having an Aquaponics Shrimps/Prawns System

Having shrimp in your aquaponics is very popular as a form of highly profitable enterprise for aquaculture. Whether you move away other methods of fish farming, there is one beauty with shrimp farming just like any new enterprise. A quaponics system can be used to grow several fish species such as perch, tilapia, Oscars, catfish, Peruvian pacu, gold fish, some varieties of aquarium fish, fresh water prawns and koi. This system can harvest anywhere from one to thousands of pounds yearly depending on the size of the system.

The main inputs to the system are light, water, oxygen electricity that pumps filter and oxygenate the water and the feeds that is given to the aquatic animal. In terms of the output, the system can may yield edible species from an aquaculture and vegetable in hydroponics. The build ratios are 5:1 square foot of grow space for each single US gallon which is 3.8 litres of aquaculture water in the system. One gallon can support between 0.23 kg and 0.45 kg of fish stock depending on filtration and aeration. An ideal temperature is a variable that depends on the species of the fish.

Pros of shrimp in  aquaponics

  • The interpretation of fish and plant requires that no pesticides or other chemicals to be used. It forms a balanced, eloquent organic system.
  • Having shrimp in your aquaponics is one activity worth exploring. You enjoy the great taste and benefits of fresh fish that form natural and very healthy food. This will definitely lower the demand for scarce resources worldwide and regulate the rising cost of food.
  • It is an Eco- friendly method of producing sustainable fish for both domestic and commercial consumption. Aquaponics shrimp works very well especially for those with scarce space.
  • Solid wastes produced get broken down by bacteria worms. They can be used in decomposing since they are organic matter.
  • The system can be started locally therefore reducing long distances in search for food. The system also eradicates the need for tilling or weeding the soil.
  • The system enables the realization of faster growth and better yields with plants naturally fertilized.

Cons of shrimp in aquaponics

  • Due to wastes disposals the system will require periodic replacement of the system hence large amount of water is wasted.
  • There is risk of diseases and monoculture by having shrimp in your aquaponics. Disease risks are very high and may spoil the whole batch. Special measures have to be taken to deal with the issue.


Despite having setbacks in having shrimp in your aquaponics, the idea is more advantageous with overwhelming benefits which should be embraced to realize growth and development.

Watch this video if you are more interested in having shrimps/prawns in your aquaponics system.

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